Is Google Stalking Your Dates Wrong?


Is Google Stalking Your Dates Wrong? [EXPERT]
As tempting as Facebook creeping that cute guy may seem, you may want to reconsider.

When I was 27 years old, I met a cute guy that lived across the hall from me in my apartment building. He was a lawyer working as an associate in a midtown law firm. One night over drinks I asked him where he went to law school. He quickly said Penn and changed the subject. Why You Shouldn't Update Your Relationship Status

A few weeks later I picked up the mail from my mail box. My mail delivery was so predictable that I didn't even bother to look at the front of the envelopes. So I was confused when I tore open one and inside was a receipt from a jeweler for $5,000 purchase.


I flipped the envelope over and realized that it had been mistakenly dropped in my mail box. It wasn't addressed to me. It was addressed to my buddy across the hall. I knocked on his door and got no answer. I slid the envelope under his door with a note explaining the mistake. I didn't sign it.

By chance we happened to be in the laundry room together one evening. I told him that I was the one who accidentally opened his mail and apologized. His indignant reaction only added fuel to my suspicion. The Ins & Outs Of Texting & Dating

A year later I became friendly with the girl who took his apartment. She, too, was a lawyer. One day she was introduced to another woman. She told the new acquaintance where she lived and the woman looked shocked. She knew the guy who lived there before her. They went to law school together.

And it wasn't Penn.

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