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What IS Love?


I have been through quite an ordeal this week and the last think I wanted to do was to write my weekly post. Some of you know what was happening and I will not bore you with any details, as exciting as they may be. But my ordeal got me thinking, something I do not like to do when I am at work or before coffee.

What Is Love?

My significant other keeps pressuring me for a commitment. I look at her and say to myself, “I am living with you. I am not dating Sandra, Anne or Jessica while I am with you. What commitment are you looking for?” But of course I know she is talking about that scary word that begins with M. Maybe it is the beginning of a Hitchcock movie “Dial M for…”

Am I ready for this step? OK, I can say the word, Marriage. I said it and I am still alive. Shall I keep waiting for Anne Hathaway? The big question is not marriage, but do I love her? Not only whether I love her, but whether I want to spend the rest of my life next to her. In truth, I have more past than future, so this is it! I need to be sure. No second chances. I also realize that if I say no to Sharon, then in essence I am making a decision to be on my own. To find someone as great as she is, at my age, is quite something. But do I love her? Then again, what is love?

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