Top 10 Topics To Avoid on First Dates


Top 10 Topics To Avoid on First Dates

I wrote a post on my personal blog some time ago about what not to say on a first date.  Admittedly, I break most of my own rules and have talked about {on more than one occasion} my ex-husband, writing a dating blog, my friends from the internet and a slew of other topics that I mentioned in my post.  Surprisingly, these topics have never been deal breakers and I’ve had men comment on how unscripted conversations with me are unusual on first dates.  A man recently described conversation with me as refreshing because I tend to throw caution to the wind and have fun conversations rather than typical first date ones.



That being said, there are still several topics I think should be completely off limits on a first date.  Many of these are topics were deal breakers that men have sprung on me, and thus I can imagine would apply vice versa.

The Top 10 Topics To Avoid On A First Date

  1. Politics–Nothing good ever comes from discussing politics on a first date, especially with someone like me who hates politics.  I’m all for an educated debate at a later time, but a first date is not the time to ramble on about your political views.  Chances are you will either bore your date, offend them or make yourself look like an uneducated fool (if not all three).
  2. Drinking/Drugs stories–Yes, we’ve all had some wild nights, but stories about how you were so drunk that you needed to get your stomach pumped or have an entire album of blackmail photos you wish to burn isn’t going to impress anyone.  Stories about drugs are even worse.  There’s nothing about being a drunk or druggie that will make a quality person not walk out of the date.
  3. Sex Stories–In a similar vein, we all have some crazy sex stories, but no one needs to know them on a first date.  No self-respecting person needs to talk about their life between the sheets when they first meet someone. 
  4. Impending divorce/custody battles–Just as murder trials show the best side of horrible people, divorce shows the worst side of generally good people.  This is just an opportunity for blame-laying and name calling and no date wants to see you stoop to that level.
  5. Arrests–That one time you shoplifted a candy bar when you were 15 might be funny down the line, but if you have nothing else to discuss on a first date, it’s a deal breaker.

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