Technology-Age Love: Is It Okay to Check Cell Phones?


Technology-Age Love: Is It Okay to Check Cell Phones?
We all have things on our cell we'd rather not share. What does this do in a relationship?

We are all guilty of having things on our cell phone that we shouldn’t or that we’d be embarrassed if our parents or niece/nephew found. Admit it, you do! I know I have sexually explicit text messages, pictures of naked anatomy and some emails that would make the eyes melt out of some people’s heads. I am also guilty of having my 11 year old cousin pick up my phone without me knowing it and look through my pictures—OOOPS!

Is your phone on lock down; attached to you at times?


The way a man treats his cell phone says a lot about him. If he can’t be separated from it, never lets it out of his pocket/sight then we assume there are things on there he doesn’t want us to see. It is the suspicious woman in us; we can’t help it! If he leaves it out in the open and goes in the other room to take a nap we are still curious. I actually had a friend who was convinced that when her man did this that the phone he left behind was a burn phone because no man just leaves his phone behind! I’m pretty sure she’d been watching too much Criminal Minds. Either way, rest assured that at some point your woman is going to try and look through your phone.

We will go Mission Impossible on your ass!

I don’t care if you have passwords or locks. I don’t care if you have top level security in place on your phone if you leave us with it we turn into some Geek squad tech nerd and crack that fucker! Nothing moves a woman to brilliance like the motivation to prove her man is on the up and up. We need to be sure that you aren’t still sexting, storing dirty pictures of ex’s, and actively engaging in communications with other women. 

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