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Should You Tell Your Date You Have Kids?

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When should you tell your date that you have kids - check out our top tips

Singles Warehouse the US Singles Dating and UK Singles Dating Site asks the question - when should you tell your date that you have kids?

When should you tell your date you have kids? In a word yes! If you have kids, then at the very first opportunity you should let your online dating world know, preferably before your first date. Its also a very good idea to make sure you have this displayed on your dating profile, after all your little one is probably the most important element in your life.

Letting your date know that you have kids is hugely important so that they can make the choice if getting romantically involved with you is a good idea. For whatever reason your date may not be able to cope with it and you do come as a package deal. You shouldn’t try and date someone who can’t see your child or children as a part of a future life – its a bit of a dead end.

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