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Whether you’re on your first date or your fiftieth, it’s always important to make an effort. This will probably mean something different to everyone (and that’s fine) but what I’m trying to getting at is that age old saying of ‘you get out what you put in’ is so true. If you don’t make any effort for the occasion, what do you think’s is going to happen? Instead of him dropping his jaw (and potentially his pants), he’s going to be dropping you home – immediately. You want to make a good impression and more importantly you want to have a good time! So, I’ve put together a few tips to help you do that. Stick with me and you’ll be just fine!


There is nothing worse than being rushed when you’re getting ready. You end up stressed out and not looking your best, neither of these are a good start to a date. Allow yourself plenty of time to get ready, I’m talking a couple of hours at least. You can even pencil in time for a cheeky glass of wine (or a shot, pick your poison) before you leave, keep calm and carry on.


I cannot begin to stress the importance of taking care of yourself. Skincare is the name of the game which is something which comes as a surprise to most people. Without good skin, you can’t dream of having good makeup. I want cleanse, tone and moisturise to be your new mantra. Starting with a face mask is the perfect way to get your skin ready for your big night out.


If you like what you’re wearing, you’re not only going to feel fabulous but you’re going to appear more confident. This applies to both your outfit and makeup! If you are leaving the house feeling that you don’t look your best, there really is no point going at all. I would recommend deciding on what you’re wearing the night before to avoid any last-minute dramas and sticking to tried and tested looks that you know work for you. Trying out a new eye shadow minutes before going out only to find you look like a drag queen happens to me all too often for my liking.

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