How to spot a toxic bachelor


How to spot a toxic bachelor
Here are some warning signs to prevent you from dating a toxic bachelor!

Ever dated a toxic bachelor? A toxic bachelor is usually a man into his late 30’s or more who has never been married (or even close), reasonably successful, attractive and charming with absolutely no plans of settling down. They term ‘toxic bachelor’ was first coined in the pilot episode of the very popular show, Sex & the City. I think most women connect with this show on some level, it’s a representation of the first generation of ‘single’ women who were raised by their second world-war mother’s (the ones who picked up the slack back home while men were off in battle) who encouraged them to be independent. I digress. Back on topic. I’ve had my go with toxic bachelors, I can usually spot them VERY quickly. I’ve met many however had a three or four month ‘thing’ with toxic bachelor one summer. I eventually got tired of the cat and mouse game and deleted him from my phone for good.

The Profile of the Toxic Bachelor


Is John Mayer a Toxic Bachelor, or has he finally learned to be a gentleman?

Never Committed

They’ve never been in a serious relationship and always play things cool. If his relationships can’t seem to last more than months then you’re likely looking at a toxic bachelor. He’s the King of Casual, he’ll keep it light and you’ll have fun together. That’s his specialty. Fun. When it comes to the relationship real world, the hard stuff, he’ll be squirming like a little girl being presented a big fat dirty worm. He’ll drop off the face of the earth if you invite him to your cousin’s wedding or tell him your grandmother died, know what I’m saying?

Looks great on paper!

He’s got his sh*t together. A house, car, great job with a decent salary. They’re usually relatively attractive with a likable demeanor; charming. Might even own some pure bread dog that is his constant loyal companion. Ladies, that dog is as far as his commitment goes though. They’ve built a very comfortable life for themselves. Themselves being the operative word here. Their life is exactly the way they like it where women come and go and that’s eh-okay.

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