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Can A Relationship Be Built on Sex?


Can hot, steamy, blow-your-mind sex carry a relationship or is it that just a wet dream?

Sex matters for a successful relationship 

We all know that sex, and sexual compatibility, are necessary for a successful relationship, but what if great nookie is all you have? Then what? Can hot, steamy, blow-your-mind sex carry a relationship or is it that just a wet dream?

I had met someone I wasn’t physically attracted to but was an overall nice guy. After several dates, he made a move and I went for it. Most people have a sexual card down their pants and his was tantric! Having never been with someone who had lasted several hours {without the aid of the little blue pill} I was impressed…and exhausted! However, after a month or so it became clear that his moves in the sack were the only reason I went back. Sex was the only interesting thing about him. He wasn’t a bad guy, just boring. When the clothes were on, my mind shut off. We didn’t have much in common and when we weren’t having sex, time stood still…and not in a good way. At this point, you may be thinking, what’s the problem? The problem was the view; from his vantage point he saw ‘relationship’, from mine I saw ‘f*ck buddy’. I started to mull over the situation from his viewpoint. What did he see that I didn’t? Perhaps I filed him too quickly. Sweeping aside my initial thoughts, I opted to see if a relationship could bloom from sex. I was sincere in my endeavor and genuinely tried to take pleasure in his company.

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