The 3 (or More) Man Dating Plan: Lots of Pots on the Stove


The 3 (or More) Man Dating Plan: Lots of Pots on the Stove
Is dating in multiples okay? La Petite Provocateur argues why it's the best way to go.

Mr. French Toast: this is a tricky one. You see, Mr. French Toast and I were introduced through a mutual friend because she insisted that we were soulmates. But, we don’t live in the same city (hour plus flight away) and, when we did meet in person, he instantly explained to me how he was focusing his heart and time on a budding romance back where he lives. So, I’m obviously very firmly placed on Mr. French Toast’s “friendship ladder” of relationships (read about The Ladder Theory here). Still, I see so much genuine potential for greatness there that I’ll continue letting his pot simmer (even if he hasn’t placed any water in it) just to be sure. He is such an incredible individual and our time together was so effortless that I’m just happy to have him in my life at all. But, again, his pot is at the ready…should he ever want to drop some water on in and see if we can get a steady boil going.

So, those are my pots. Yes, there are a few other smaller pots hanging around my kitchen. Some of those pots are filled with water but I just haven’t given them any heat yet. Others have some water, and they used to have some heat, but I’ve merely placed them off to the side for one reason or another. And, there are still another few pots that I’m really not sure about where they stand. They may have water. They may not. I’m just too scared and or unimpressed to even peek inside at the moment. And, oddly enough, the opportunities for additional pots always seems to find their way to me.


What’s a (girl) chef to do in this situation? Keep them pots a’ cookin’ and keep an eye on which ones are coming to a boil…and which ones should just be thrown out the window. Because, until there’s reason to stick to just one pot and savor its sweet sweet contents, this crazy little dance around my kitchen certainly does keep me entertained and on my toes.

…and I wouldn’t have it any other way….


La Petite Provocateur


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