The 3 (or More) Man Dating Plan: Lots of Pots on the Stove


The 3 (or More) Man Dating Plan: Lots of Pots on the Stove
Is dating in multiples okay? La Petite Provocateur argues why it's the best way to go.

The reasoning is that, again, you get to keep your options (and heart) open to the many dating opportunities that may arise. It also means that you may feel less pressure put on any particular relationship while it is in the earlier stages, giving it its own time and space to blossom without any expectations.

For me, juggling multiple men has always been a challenge. Last time I did this was in my freshman year of college, and I always felt a little bit guilty about seeing more than just one man at a time. While I never lied about my intentions, and I certainly wasn’t getting it on with every single one of these guys (I mean, maybe two or three of them got me in to bed, but…), there was always a part of me that felt maybe I wasn’t being fair by not putting my whole heart and energy in to just one relationship.


Still, lately, I’ve been reaping the benefits of going in to all of my relationships (romantic or otherwise) withoutany expectations and letting them blossom (or boil over) at their own pace. And, while it is still a bit uncomfortable for me to think that I could be hurting anyone’s feelings, I recognize that I am absolutely being authentic, present, and honest in all of my engagements. I am still giving each encounter (or pot) the love and attention that it deserves, and I am merely letting the pots on my relationship stove provide me with varying nourishment and enjoyment…until I settle on which pot is best suited for me…and I for them. So, in other words, until I settle in to a relationship, I’ll keep a few “flirtationships” going…and see where the chips fall.

Make sense?


So, for the sake of being totally clear with all of you, dear readers, I wanted to inform you that I, La Petite Provocateur, am happily engaging in The Three Man Plan as we speak. I don’t want to just casually cook forever (or, really, at all…if we are being honest). But, in the meantime, let me introduce you to the active (or recently active) pots in my kitchen:

Mr. Music Man: we met online before my dating detox ended and had a casual coffee while I was on my dating detox. He was handsome. And sweet. And tall. We got along well, and I was intrigued, but I sensed just a friendship interest on his part. However, the moment my dating detox was over, he was all up on my Facebook page. And, after a few late-night flirtations, we ended up having cyber sex. Like, old school non-video dirty talk to mutual completion cyber sex. It was strangely hot and an entirely new experience for me. And, I wanted more. So, we had cyber sex again. And I had one of the most satisfying orgasms of my life from it. But, our paths never really cross outside of cyberland and, when they do, they are disastrous (all talk and no game!). So, I guess Mr. Music Man’s pot still exists in my kitchen, but it’s packed away in the pantry. Why? Because I have so many other active pots that his drip drops of contribution just won’t cut it.

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