10 Ways To Screw Up A First Date ... Royally


10 Ways To Screw Up A First Date ... Royally [EXPERT]
Get some fool-proof tips on how to have the worst first date ever!

8. Dress like a hooker. Let your date know upfront that you're hot and that's the only thing that matters. Personality? Please. With this rack?

9. Dress like you don't care. I'm a rebel/artist/in a band/too cool/too edgy to bother with clothes.


10. Make sure your date knows you "don't want a relationship." This lets your date know you're only interested in sex. Excuse yourself by saying you're just being honest. 3 Things You Should Never Do On A First Date

Here at The Sinclair Institute, we understand the need for quality adult sex education and support. We are committed to helping couples overcome barriers that can affect the quality of sexual relationships.

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