Signs You've Met Your Prince Charming


Signs You've Met Your Prince Charming
Do you think Prince Charming is synonymous with perfection? Learn the real signs of a true partner.

So let's try again. Signs you've met your Prince (or Princess) Charming:



  • He's honest, reliable, and trustworthy.
  • He gets you and supports you.
  • You're attracted to his essence, his character, his heart.
  • You enjoy spending time together, but you're also okay when you spend time separately.
  • You both recognize that you are each complete on your own and that you come together to share love, not to complete each other.
  • You share similar values (i.e., you both want kids or don't want kids, you're on the same page regarding religion and how you spend your free time).
  • He's giving and caring.
  • When you have conflict, you find a way to repair, learn, and move on.
  • You know he'll make a great husband and father.
  • There are no red flag issues: no addiction, abuse, or irreconcilable misalignment of core values.
  • You enjoy doing simple things together, like making dinner and watching a movie.
  • When your heart is open, you feel a sense of peaceful contentedness about the relationship.

If you've been lucky enough to meet a guy who fulfills most (80 percent) of the above list most of the time (we're not looking for perfect here), you've hit the jackpot. Sure, he'll bug you sometimes, you won't always be attracted to him, and you won't want to spend every minute with him; this the nature of marriage. But out of the billions of people on this planet you've met one who you not only love but you actually like, one with whom you can imagine spending the rest of your life and creating the crucible inside which you grow, age, and possibly create a family. Don't you think that's a gift worth celebrating? Congratulations: You've met your Prince Charming.

Sheryl Paul, M.A., has counseled thousands of people worldwide through her private practice, her bestselling books, her e-courses and her website. She has appeared several times on "The Oprah Winfrey Show", as well as on "Good Morning America" and other top media shows and publications around the globe. To sign up for her free 78-page eBook, "Conscious Transitions: The 7 Most Common (and Traumatic) Life Changes", visit her website at And if you're suffering from relationship anxiety - whether dating, engaged, or married - give yourself the gift of the Conscious Weddings E-Course: From Anxiety to Serenity.


This article was originally published at Huffington Post. Reprinted with permission.
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