Living With The 'Grass Is Always Greener' Syndrome?


Living With The 'Grass Is Always Greener' Syndrome?
Are you in a loving relationship but can't stop wondering if there's something better out there?

Then, instead of focusing on the fact that their fiancé doesn’t make the best conversation over breakfast in the morning, she focuses on the fact that he does make a delicious breakfast. Instead of focusing with hawk-like attention on the fact that her fiancé isn’t the funniest guy at the party (unlike her previous boyfriend), she focuses on the fact that he’s always looking out for her, opening both the door and his heart for her (unlike her previous boyfriend, who always seemed to have one foot out the door). Through attention to what’s working, she remembers all of the reasons why she chose this great guy in the first place. At least one prong of her engagement anxiety begins to loosen its hold on her mind so she can begin to enjoy her partner and look forward to her wedding and marriage with excitement. It’s what your grandmother would have wanted. Engaged & Thinking About Your Ex?

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