Is It Possible To Have A “Good” Breakup With A Difficult Partner?


Is It Possible To Have A “Good” Breakup With A Difficult Partner?
Getting out of a relationship with a healthy, safe & mutually respectful breakup requires planning!

Although it might be tempting to have the conversation in a lounge or a bar, mixing alcohol with difficult conversations is never a good idea. Not only could it limit the other person's control but it may influence how strong you are in your resolve to have the conversation and be safety cautious before, during and after the meeting.

Tip 3 – Plan it out


Plan out your breakup speech and consider your choice of words and reasons based on how you know the other person will respond. It is better to have a minimally stressful breakup and share only some of the reasons you want out than bare your soul and create high levels of conflict, denial and defensive behaviors on their part.

Planning out your message also allows you to think about what they are likely to do and say and come up with an advanced mental plan of how to handle these arguments. The more prepared you are for their reaction the more in control you can remain in the situation.

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