5 Ways To Celebrate The Holidays As A Single Person


5 Ways To Celebrate The Holidays As A Single Person
If you find yourself single during this season, don't sit around the house. Get out & enjoy yourself
  1. Plan a Holiday Decoration Viewing Tour – get together a group of your friends and plan an evening to go out and look at the beautiful lights and decorations in your area. Most cities and even smaller towns now hold competitions for decorations and there are some amazing displays out there.
  2. Have a "Just for Me" Day – treat yourself to something luxurious that you have always wanted to do or something that you love to do but rarely seem to have time. This may be a day at the spa, going shopping for something special for yourself or spending time doing something you really love to do.
  3. Get Involved – most community based organizations are in high gear at this time of year. In addition there are the toy and gift programs, meals for seniors and those less fortunate, and other activities to celebrate the season. If you don't have commitments consider volunteering at this very busy time of year.
  4. See the Sights – a fun activity is to imagine that you are someone that has never been to your city or location. Plan a day as if you were a tourist in your own city or town. Go to the museum, try out a new café or restaurant and generally show yourself things you may have never stopped to see before.
  5. Communicate with Friends and Family – use text messages, Skype, email, chat systems, and good old fashioned telephone conversation to bridge the miles between you and your family. Even if you can't be at the family event or prefer to stay home it doesn't mean you can't still enjoy the companionship of the season with those that you care about and love.

If you do find that you are feeling down about being alone, be proactive and get up and get involved. There is always something to do to celebrate the season as a single and to feel great over the holiday.

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