The Secret Logic of Desire (Expert)


The Secret Logic of Desire (Expert)
The key to unlocking your hidden power of allure and magnetism!

Want to be sexy, confident and alluring?

Women clamor at the chance to be their most beautiful and appealing self. It’s why fragrance and cosmetics are billion dollar industries. We all want to be sexy!
However, upping your attraction factor really has very little to do with your outer appearance.

If you want to unlock your hidden power of allure and magnetism, you must first understand desire.

What causes desire and attraction? Can even an average looking woman turn heads with an innate magnetism that draws attention and admiration?
You better believe it!

Look at the starlets in Hollywood and you’ll see evidence of several top celebrities who are quite average looking. Yet, they manage to get voted into lists of the most beautiful people on the planet.

How is that?

They understand the logic of desire and how to magnetize attention and admiration.
If you’re ready to uncork your feminine love potion, read on to discover the logic of desire.

Real appeal comes first and foremost from your way of being. Who you are is more attractive than how you dress or the makeup you apply.

The most attractive women on earth are ultra feminine. They exude charisma and grace effortlessly with their feminine charms. Being flirtatious, fun, and friendly come naturally to women who are in tune with their feminine energy.

Both men and women are drawn to the pulling power of a confident, authentic, feminine woman.

So, if you want to increase your appeal, you need only turn up your innate feminine radiance and get ready to turn heads.

Need a little help with this?

If you feel a bit overwhelmed, do what I did and find yourself a flirty role model.

When I was married I was always caught up in masculine energy.  I wanted my other half to take care of something, anything - but if I had to wait longer than a nanosecond it was too late, I was at the helm. Well this proved pretty disastrous in my relationship and when things crumbled I had to cop to the fact I’d been living in my masculine energy way more than my feminine.

After a friend pointed out I needed a refresher course in the fine art of being a woman, I realized I had to make major changes that were uncomfortable for me. Breathing life into my feminine nature became my sole focus. Even though flirting and dressing in a more girly style were good first steps, I knew that this was more than a surface job.

I had to dig deep and create a new mindset if I was going to pull this off.

Years of conditioning and choice making based in fear and doubt had left me in a vicious tug of war between “I can do this” and “This is too hard.” Even though I had seen evidence that my feminine nature had a power and magic all of its own, I still reverted to my old masculine style of rigid control most of the time.

Thankfully, an idea floated up during one of my never miss meditations. Maybe I could find someone to model my behavior after. Certain I knew someone who was living out the sensual feminine life style that I craved, I searched my rolodex for help.

This article was originally published at Sherri Nickols Unleash Your Inner Sparkle. Reprinted with permission.
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