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How to Love Without Losing Yourself (EXPERT)

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In satisfying the wants and needs of your loved ones, have you lost yourself?

Many women share that when they get in a relationship they lose themselves. Relationships are demanding and filling the role of wife and/or mother can be an all-consuming job. In satisfying the wants and needs of your loved ones, have you lost yourself?

Losing yourself is detrimental not only to your own fulfillment but can be toxic to your relationship as well because when you lose yourself, your partner will also lose interest. Yikes!

In this video, I team up with a panel of experts sharing powerful tips to help you nurture your needs and stay connected with your own passions when in a relationship.

Don't lose yourself in love, watch this video.

Remember, being whole and having interests outside of your relationship doesn't take away from the partnership but instead adds to the fulfillment and connection in the relationship.

If you find you are still struggling with this and would like more guidance, feel free to contact me through my website, where you can also claim a free gift.

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