Do You Have a Sensual Mindset? ( EXPERT)


Do You Have a Sensual Mindset? ( EXPERT)
Do you own your sensuality as you walk down the street or slip between the sheets? Learn how..

Face it. Most of us are so busy with "life" and our never ending lists of “must-do tasks" that we don't take the time to slow down, connect and appreciate our beautiful bodies much less cultivate a sensual mindset. This prevents us from living in our feminine power. And even though we are suffering from the consequences - loss of romance, passion and intimacy - we're too tired and resigned to a "less than desirable" relationship to do anything about it.

Ask yourself these three questions to determine where your sensual mindset stands:


1) Are you comfortable in your skin?

2) Are you confident in your sex appeal as you walk down the street or slip between the    sheets?

3) Have you made a peace pact with your beautiful body or are you like the millions of women who would rather come face-to-face with a one eyed toad than look at themselves naked?

In order to achieve a sensual mind-set you MUST love yourself, inside and out! Read on for your first step.

Well, admittedly it can take some self-wooing and acceptance to get into that space. But the good news is it can be learned and cultivated for a successful sensual state-of-mind! But how did this happen? How did we get so uncomfortable and far away from who we are?

How is it possible we forgot how delicious, sensual, blissful, and juicy our lives used to be? If you are like most women - thirsty to prove your worth - as you stepped into the adult world you broadened your shoulders and piled on the responsibility – letting playtime fly out the door. Life became robotic and yet on some level you know your feminine soul got buried and is slowly dying. Consequently you feel out of sorts when it comes to expressing your sensuality and sexuality.

The solution? Get out of your head and into your heart. Connect to that space and memory of what brings you joy and passion. When you take the time to do this for yourself and your relationship you will awaken your sensuality and create a passionate life on purpose.

One of the quickest ways to access your feminine power is to fall in love with your body...that's right - every square inch of it - bulging belly's, uncontrolled curves and dimpled thighs.

Start by standing in front of a mirror by candlelight, pour yourself a glass of wine if needed and put on some nurturing tunes. Send love to every inch of your body. Thank your thighs for allowing you to walk every day, thank your hips for expanding to allow those beautiful babes into the world and/or giving you that sassy saunter, and thank your stomach for reminding you that we live in a country of plenty. How lucky are we?
Be grateful! When you start to appreciate your body you will start to feel more comfortable in your skin and with this comes peace and with this comes a sizzling sensuality.

When you live in this space of truly loving your body, you emanate a vibe that is irresistible to men – attracting them in droves.

If you would like more tips and success strategies, or learn more to open your heart feel free to contact me on my website - you'll find a gift waiting for you.

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