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7 Steps to Forgiveness ( EXPERT)

Ever wonder why forgiving is such a tough thing to do, especially when we most likely know that forgiveness puts us on the road to more love and freedom? Primarily, it’s because many of us equate forgiveness with allowing or letting someone off the hook for ...

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Tips On Being A Balanced, Whole Woman

Ever feel like it’s up to you to do everything? Sure you’re capable, competent and a rock star woman who can handle anything, but deep down don’t you long for a man to step up to the plate and take over at times? When I was married I was always caught up in this conundrum – ...

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5 Steps To Rekindle Your Romance

Once upon a time, you couldn’t keep your hands off each other. You strolled hand in hand stealing kisses in shadowy places. He snuggled close to hold you on the couch. He planned dates, surprised you with gifts and texted you with naughty innuendos. In those days, love was so easy. Chemistry ruled the ...

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Valentine's Day Tips For Overworked Women

With Valentine’s Day here, is your love life a bit flat? Do you spend more time in your sweats than you do in sexy lingerie? Are your feet more at home in those old pink fuzzy slippers than they are in sexy pumps? Are you stressed because if you don’t plan for romance, none will happen at all? ...

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10 Hidden Ways An Ex Stays Embedded In Our Lives

It's official. It's over. Actually it's been over for quite some time now. Then why are you still stuck with your ex? You may think you're doing your best to move on, but somehow you just can't shimmy away from him/her. Truth be told even if you aren't in physical contact you may be ...

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Love In Flowers

7 Steps to Forgiveness ( EXPERT)

Forgiveness…is one of those practices that is easier said than done. Read on to learn the process.

Eye Shadow

Tips On Being A Balanced, Whole Woman

You have an ally. Your feminine side is waiting in the wings to help you reinvent your life.

Kiss Me

5 Steps To Rekindle Your Romance

Is romance missing in your relationship? Take time right now to make a plan.

Valentine's Day Tips For Overworked Women

Maintain a balance between your career and love life to create the romance that you deserve!

stuck together

10 Hidden Ways An Ex Stays Embedded In Our Lives

An expert list of the subtle ways we stay intertwined with an ex.

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