Are You In Danger of Doing Too Much?


Are You In Danger of Doing Too Much?
Do you have difficulty setting aside the needs of others in order to take care of your own needs?

Are you working to exhaustion, giving too much of yourself to everyone and everything? Do you have a hard time letting other people do things for you?

If so, you may be in danger of doing too much.

Many women are so busy juggling multiple roles and wearing different hats that they forget to just be. They lose sight of the inherent value they posses in being themselves and assign value only to the things they do for others.

For many of my coaching clients, the act of self-care is a foreign notion. In fact, most women feel guilty about doing things for themselves. Women often feel selfish for taking time out for self-care. But, self-nurturing is critical for health and well-being!

Women especially have difficulty setting aside the needs of others in order to take care of their own needs. We'll often marginalize our own desires and passions while placing higher priority on the demands of others. Our kids, partners, siblings, friends, and co-workers will receive support and nurture while little is left for self-maintenance. When this happens, we feel depleted and the cycle of giving and receiving is disrupted, creating disharmony.

Each week, women who are exhausted and overwhelmed from doing too much come to me for coaching on how to rejuvenate and regain balance. One of the most important things they learn is how to fill up their own cup. Once you fill yourself up, you have more to give and are able to give from an authentic place, rather than giving until you're depleted.

If you've been doing too much, it's time to create some new boundaries and set a new priority for self-care. Only you can choose to stop doing too much. Self-care is a choice you must make for yourself in order to achieve optimum health and true well-being.

If you find you are struggling with this, I want to support you. Use this link to schedule a complimentary 30 minute strategy session. You deserve to take care of yourself and live a life you love!

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