Top 3 Reasons It Pays To Be In A Relationship


Top 3 Reasons It Pays To Be In A Relationship
Self-proclaimed commitment-phobe finally admits why it pays to be in a relationship.


We have already covered how love is the highest frequency of vibration on an energetic quantum physics level, so obviously it makes you feel happy.  So, here’s the deal: your body has an infinitely powerful immune system and an unconscious response to heal you all of the time.  However, it is only truly able to take care of you if you have taken the time to slow down and relax your nervous system.  This is why meditation and yoga help people to have optimal health.  The body needs to relax before it can perform optimally.  Love also has this effect on your body.  It relaxes you to have someone to feel at home with, grab a bite with, or hang out with (eventually adding kids or your super cool dog to the mix).


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All of these factors support your nervous system to get to its calm happy place, allowing for greater healing and stress relief.  On the flip side, if you are stuck in a stressful career or relationship, you are 35% more likely to experience regular illness or become severely ill.  Coming full circle, love is your greatest teacher.  If you are in a relationship and experiencing stress and negativity, then it’s time to look within and really see what’s going on.

Where does your soul want you to evolve in order to dissolve this trigger?  I highly recommend couples going to therapy together.  As a communication expert who is certified in Neuro Linguistic Programming, there are so many ways that miscommunication can create huge issues in a relationship.  Having a neutral third party to translate is often a relationship savior.

As American psychiatrist David Viscott one said, “To love and be loved is to feel the sun from both sides.”  So, go ahead, take a faithful jump and fall in love, or if you are already in a relationship, care for that precious gift and be cautious to not let it wither.  Harness the power of love to live an extraordinary life.

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