10 Ways To Avoid Being Needy


10 Ways To Avoid Being Needy
Nobody likes a needy Nancy. Here are 10 ways to avoid being needy whether you're dating or taken.

This is a huge step in any sort of happy and rebellious life. This is why it is in the rebel rule book that I offer on www.awakentherebel.com. For anyone to be truly happy they must know what makes them tick. What they want. Do they want success in a career? Or do they want to be a great parent to a child? Do they want to live in a place with a lot of people so they feel alive and connected? Or do they want solitude and silence so they can author their first book? These are things that many people don’t think about, but they must if they are ever to have clarity on the type of life they are to create in order to live a life of purpose.

I hope this has helped you to feel guided on your rebellious journey to love & happiness.


Yours in Freedom,


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