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Date Night: Not Just Another Chore

Date night. You know it’s good for your relationship. You want to. You mean to. But, darn it, you’re busy with a house to run, bills to pay, bosses to please, projects to complete, kids to care for—and on and on. Add the unexpected—sick kids, car problems, leaking pipes—and ...

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Need a Vacation? Have Sex

Eat your broccoli. It’s good for you. Take your cod liver oil. It’s good for you. Exercise daily. It’s good for you. Have sex. It’s good for you. Huh? Broccoli, cod liver oil, exercise and sex are all in the same do-it-cuz-it’s-good-for-you category. Don’t you ...

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5 Ways to Unwrap Your Holiday Honey

Yep, the holidays are here. It’s December 23—the work day is ending early, the final bows are getting tied and the fruitcakes are being boxed to regift. Ha! 

If your holiday haze is getting thicker and heavier, here are a few ways to release the ho hum and bring back the wow! For this to work, ...

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Kiss Holiday Stress Good-Bye by "Doing" Your Sweetheart

The holidays. There’s so much to do! The decorations, the shopping, the tree, the gifts, the gifts, the gifts (thank goodness for Internet shopping), planning the meals, figuring out what to wear to the parties, making up the guest room for relatives…the list goes on. In this run-yourself ragged ...

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How a Trip to the Grocery Store Can Feed Your Sex Life

Do you sometimes wonder what happened to that randy, can't-get-enough couple you used to be? You know, before the fatigue of everyday life set in and before the kids arrived. Back when you could have the week from hell and still strap on your dancing' shoes and, after a great night out, have energy for ...

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Date Night: Not Just Another Chore

Do you approach date night as just one more chore? Come on, be creative and have some fun!


Need a Vacation? Have Sex

Tired of being told to have sex because it's good for you? Me, too. Have sex because it's fun!


5 Ways to Unwrap Your Holiday Honey

The best holiday gift to unwrap? Your honey!


Kiss Holiday Stress Good-Bye by "Doing" Your Sweetheart

Holiday stress? Keep it at bay by keeping your sweetheart at the top of your to "do" list.

sexual desire

How a Trip to the Grocery Store Can Feed Your Sex Life

Daily demands sapped your relationship intimacy? You can take care of biz and be intimate, too.

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