Marriage: Use It Or Lose It


Marriage: Use It Or Lose It
Your marriage is your most valuable asset but if you don't use it, you'll lose it.
  • Set aside fifteen minutes a day by, for example, waking up earlier or turning off the TV earlier.
  • Prepare and have dinner together. Don’t answer the phone and turn off all electronic devices.
  • Take an evening walk together.
  • Create and observe rituals, e.g., Thursday night date night, showering together when it rains.
  • Do errands together rather than “dividing and conquering.” Driving, strolling down the grocery store aisle, and other “mindless” tasks provide great opportunities for talking.
  • Every evening, just before turning out the lights, share with each other the best part of your day.
  • Schedule regular getaway weekends and vacations.
  • Be creative and, most importantly, be consistent.

    Your marriage is (or certainly can be) your most valued relationship. Use it or lose it.

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