How a Trip to the Grocery Store Can Feed Your Sex Life


How a Trip to the Grocery Store Can Feed Your Sex Life
Daily demands sapped your relationship intimacy? You can take care of biz and be intimate, too.

Every relationship guru on the planet, including me, recommends that you schedule regular date nights and times for sex. You have to make your relationship a priority or one day you'll wake up to find it gone. That doesn't mean you can ignore your relationship the rest of the time. In fact, with just a little imagination you can turn everyday events, such as a trip to the grocery store, into acts of emotional foreplay that enhance intimacy--in and out of the bedroom. How? Let's take a look.

Grocery shopping is one of those chores you can’t get around. Ya gotta eat! The trick is getting it done AND using the opportunity to engage in emotional foreplay. Emotional foreplay is doing those things that make your sweetheart feel high-on-a-pedestal adored, always-number-one special, you-deserve-the-best nurtured, and can’t-live-without-you cherished. So here are some ideas for you:

Give the gift of time. If it’s your sweetie who generally does the shopping, offer to do it and give your sweetheart some “me” time. Everyone needs time to recharge their battery. Women, in particular, are not so good at taking time for themselves but everyone, men and women alike, run themselves ragged in today’s busy world. When you give your sweetheart “me” time to recharge, he or she has more energy for everything, including you and your relationship.

Give the gift of yourself. Do the shopping together, take your time strolling through the aisles and use the time to talk to each other. Couples spend far too little time just being together. Doing something that doesn’t require laser beam focus such as grocery shopping is a great time to just chat.

Give a surprise thinking-of-you gift. Toss your sweetheart’s favorite dessert in the cart. Surprise your sweetie by serving it to him or her in bed and enjoy it together.
Give together time. Buy the ingredients for a meal to cook together. Even better, use a recipe from the book by Martha Hopkins and Randall Lockridge titled “Intercourses, An Aphrodisiac Cookbook.” It’s a wonderful book full of recipes using 17 sensual foods, aphrodisiac histories, beautiful photographs, and more.

We all have huge demands on our time. When you fail to make your relationship a priority, you will find yourselves growing apart. By engaging in everyday acts of emotional foreplay, you’ll stay connected and that is a darned good thing for your sex life.

Shela Dean is a Relationship Coach, Speaker and Amazon Bestselling Author of Frequent Foreplay Miles, Your Ticket to Total Intimacy, available on Amazon, other booksellers, and

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