How to Have Greater Emotional Intimacy


"Inconsiderate" and "emotional intimacy" are mutually exclusive. "Nice" and "emotional intimacy" go hand-in-hand. KNOW YOURSELF. Okay, this is a tough one but I promise that the more you know about yourself, the better partner you will be. You'll be able to change what's not working and you'll be less likely to project your self-perception onto your partner. Examples: 1. If you bicker over every decision, big or small, perhaps it's not because your partner is argumentative, but because you are excessively competitive and need to make a change. 2. If you hear constant criticism, perhaps the problem is your self-esteem. If your sweetie says, "The rice is salty," and you hear, "You're a terrible cook," it's time to work on your self-perception instead of complaining that your sweetheart is critical. "Ignorance" and "emotional intimacy" are mutually exclusive. "Awareness" and "emotional intimacy" go hand-in-hand. BE GENEROUS AND FORGIVING. It's inevitable that your sweetheart will hurt and disappoint you, sometimes through thoughtlessness and sometimes only through the filter of your self-perception. Guess what? The flip side is true, too. Be generous and be forgiving if for no other reason than to garner the same from your sweetheart when you screw up. "Unforgiving" and "emotional intimacy" are mutually exclusive. "Generous" and "emotional intimacy" go hand-in-hand. In summary, the relationship crown jewel of emotional intimacy is achieved by laser-beam focus on being, doing, and saying those things that build and sustain it. Start today to have the emotional intimacy that is the hallmark of a truly great relationship.

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