4 Simple Questions to Find the Perfect Gift for Every Occasion


4 Simple Questions to Find the Perfect Gift for Every Occasion
  • It’s your girlfriend’s birthday. She prefers experiences. She’s sentimental. She adores classical music. Plan an experience that will have sentimental value: a trip to her hometown to see family she’s missing and have a family portrait made…tickets to the opera, and a corsage she can press and save…dinner with friends where she can show off the birthstone ring you slip on her finger as you’re walking out the door. If it’s a decade birthday, step it up and go the extra mile to make it an event she will remember and cherish forever.
  • Your husband hit a career milestone. He prefers things, is practical, and enjoys modern art. Memorialize the event in a tangible way: have a congratulatory ad published in the local newspaper and have it framed…select a piece of art for his office and attach a congratulatory note on the back…buy him a new suit and take him to the newest exhibit at the local art museum. If it’s a really BIG milestone, make it the Musée d'Orsay in Paris!
  • It’s the anniversary of your wedding, first date, or other special day. The best “us” gift is something you will both enjoy doing and/or having. If you have different preferences, you’ll need to be a little more creative. For example, you might select a martini shaker, glasses and a book of martini recipes. There’s something tangible for the “thing” person and for the “experience” person there’s the fun of working your way from Apple Martini to Wasabi Martini or, perhaps, a martini party with good friends. Again, if this is a significant anniversary, step it up and make it truly memorable.
  • You feel like doing something special for your sweetie. By now you’ve got the drill. All I’ll say about “just because” gifts is that small is often the best, just a simple reminder that you’re thinking about the one you love.


Bottom line: the perfect gift shows you gave it more than passing thought because it reflects who and what your sweetie is.

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