Addicted to Bad Boys&Gals ? 7 Ways Boring Love Rocks Your World


Addicted to Bad Boys&Gals ? 7 Ways Boring Love Rocks Your World
Boring Love is the path to Relationhsip Happiness

2. Boring Love is always open to excitement: Say what you want, but boring guys and gals are among the most adventurous on the planet. Why? Because they crave excitement as a lifestyle supplement. One Boring man I know recently surprised his girlfriend with a weekend getaway to Vegas. For no real reason. He just felt like sweeping her off her feet! And I’d like to share what went on in their private sweet, but what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. Whatever youi've heard about Boring Love in the bedroom is rumor... Boring Love, loves variety, crazy talk and positions, and wants to satisfy you in every way!

3. Boring Love is quiet enough to listen: Boring Love is used to being quiet, so listening is not a problem. Boring Love knows how to keep its mouth shut, hear you out, and offer a soothing back rub. Boring Love is not insecure, and does not need to hear itself talk all the time.


4. Boring Love wants to see you shine: Boring Love does not crave the spotlight, but will willingly share the spotlight if it’s offered. Boring Love wants to see you do your best and is not afraid show and tell you all the ways in which you are wonderful.

5. Boring Love is rooted in trust: Boring Love had a sense of values and understands how hard it is to come by healthy strong relationships. Boring Love works overtime to make sure that you feel rooted in loving relationship that is rooted in trust.

6. Boring Love grows with you: Boring Love is a not a one size fits all love. Boring Love knows that you will change with time, so she’ll shrink and expand to change with you. Boring Love is not interested in rigid rule, rather making sure the team wins- the team you represent together.

7. Boring Love is flexible: Boring love is highly flexible and not interested in arguing with you. When plans change, Boring Love rolls with the punches. Boring Love knows that you will not always be at your best , so when you have tough days and find yourself a bit grumpy.. boring love remembers that two days ago you were sweet as plum, and waits patiently for sanity and calm to be restored.

If you’re looking for sustainable love in your life, and simply must have an element of surprise, thrill, and the unexpected in the mix, sign up for a sky diving class, climb a mountain or go bungee cord jumping… as for a great relationship… I say keep it BORING!

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