Who Will Be A Victim Of The 'Oscar Curse' This Year?


Is the Oscar curse real and will The Help's Viola Davis be a victim of it?

In order to feel his kahunas once again, he goes out seeking validation of his manhood through having sex with another woman. Either way the rise in income, fame, and stature can destroy the Hollywood couple or any working professional that is not strong enough to handle the win. My suggestion is that all potential winners have a heart-to-heart with their husbands before the big day.

Reassure your man that he is the best thing since sliced cheese and no gold, bald headed statue will ever change that! Single professional women should always treat their men like he is the king of the castle, massage his ego, and not forget that he stood by you prior to your success. Experts Agree: Cheating Is Not About Sex [VIDEO]


3. The result of self-sabotaging one's life while pursuing great success.
I am not saying that any of these women asked to be cheated on, left by their husbands, or have their marriage fall apart, however sometimes when we hold a belief to be true even subconsciously, we unknowingly go to work towards making that fear a reality. It's likely that for the Oscar winners, failure in their professional life was not an option, but failure in their relationships was a different story.

Some of these leading ladies were married to cheating jerks who needed to get the boot and this would have happened with or with out the Oscar win. However, placing your focus solely on your career while neglecting to make other areas of your life as important can hurt you more than it can help. 5 Ways To Attract Love In 30 Days!

A marriage or relationship ends long before an affair or the breakup. Many men and woman give their careers a higher priority than their relationships and wonder why, after they reach the top of the mountain in their careers, their relationship has already plummeted to the valley. Balance is the key to life, so remember that there is nothing wrong with ambitiously pursuing your dreams. Know that fame and fortune can come and go, but a well-groomed marriage can survive the test of time!

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