Who Will Be A Victim Of The 'Oscar Curse' This Year?


Is the Oscar curse real and will The Help's Viola Davis be a victim of it?

Many actresses have experienced relationship disasters that occurred shortly after winning their Oscar. Sandra Bullock (2010), Kate Winslet (2009), Reese Witherspoon (2006), Hilary Swank (2005), Halle Berry (2002) and Julia Roberts (2001) are among the Best Actress winners who have fallen victim to the "Oscars curse." Video: When To Leave A Bad Relationship

There is even a study conducted by the University of Toronto that states winners of the Best Actress award have a 63 percent chance of ending up divorced. This year's Oscar front-runner appears to be Viola Davis, who played the leading role in The Help, and many are scratching their heads and wondering: if she is the winner, will her 9-year marriage to actor Julius Tennon crash and burn like her category sisters?


Let's look at 3 reasons why some of Hollywood's leading ladies fall victim to the curse and how they and other successful single ladies can prevent the destruction of their relationships after huge success. Love Lessons From Martin Luther King, Jr.

1. A large amount of people believe the curse to be true.
41.3 million people will be watching the Oscars at the same time, and it is safe to estimate that at least 30 percent of this viewing audience will hold the belief that the Oscar curse is real and most likely to happen to the next Oscar winner. In 2006, the movie The Secret swept the nation as it brought to light the Law of Attraction principle that states that, "feelings and thoughts can attract events, feelings, and experiences, from the workings of the cosmos to interactions among individuals in their physical, emotional, and professional affairs."

In short, whatever you focus on, you attract. It has been scientifically proven that thought has weight and power. When the fans of a winning team began to doubt their team, the probability of the team losing increases. With that said, an idea held by a multitude of people can increase it's chances of that thought manifesting. Is Monogamy Natural?

The winner may not be able to change the minds of millions, but what she can do is turn off the TV and envision her life and marriage thriving and growing stronger even after she wins the Oscar. Single professional ladies should ignore the "statistics" and know that their relationship can stay intact even as they experience career success and income growth.

2. Society's gender roles place a stigma on the woman of the house having the spotlight and earning more than her husband.
It's possible that when the wife has risen in stature that she outgrows her husband, becoming dissatisfied with the disparity in their success gap. On the other hand, it could be that the insecurities of the husband start to eat away at him as he begins to feel less than a man as he stands in his wife's shadow wondering where he may fit in her life. 3 Lessons To Learn From A Kardashian Failed Marriage

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