Is Monogamy Natural?


Is Monogamy Natural?
Cheating is rampant and on a rise! Is it possible to be faithful to a person over a period of time?

This is a mistake that leads many marriages destined for failure because the catalyst for the relationship was fear based instead of love based. When ever you make decisions and choices based out of fear and lack, you bring to you the energy of negativity that fear carries with it. In addition, you cannot see your options clearly or what is waiting for you because your mind is clouded by fear. What you believe is always going to be true for you. If you believe a man can never be faithful to only you, this will be your reality. If you affirm and know that when God sends you the right person for you, you both will be all you need for each other, then this will be true for you.  If you clear and heal your barriers that stand in the way of you attracting a healthy love experience that was meant for you, learn the laws of attracting a good partner and open yourself to receive and give love; the right person will show up in your life. When this love shows up specifically chosen for you by God, neither you nor he will hunger for anything else.

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