Love Lessons From Martin Luther King, Jr.


martin luther king, jr.
Three attributes Dr. King demonstrated that can help you find that special someone.

Most singles looking for love know that they should love themselves and have standards when dating, but they still do destructive things that keep them from achieving their goal of true love. If you want something, you must be willing to sacrifice something else for it; sometimes that means going against what your mind and body want now (ie: sex too soon, friends with benefits, etc), in order to gain what you desire later. It will not be until you learn this on an emotional level and feel the love in your heart for your future soul mate — once you have dreamed of your future with that person — that you will be able to attract this very possible reality into your life. Have the courage of Dr. King. to dream your dream of true and lasting love. Learn how to attract love, even in the face of fear, hurt and discouraging dating challenges, and one day you too will manifest the “dream” of the true love you are meant to have!

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