Are You Easily Seduced?


5 characteristics of women who have a high "risk" of being seduced!

5. Easy To Have Sex With: In my book titled 'Value Your Vagina' I discuss the power of a woman's vagina and everything it represents, such as self-respect, life and value. Too often, in this new age of care free sex, women are having sex indiscriminately as if they were men, but then wonder why they are filled with so much hurt, anger and resentment. A seducer preys on a woman with low self-esteem who is looking to be loved and willing to use sex in order to get the love she seeks. A seducer's main goal is sex and once he gets what he wants, he is on to his next victim. Although having sex is probably one of the best feelings any person can experience, it is that much greater with the right one whom loves and accepts us for whom we are. When a woman has sex, she releases oxytocin, which is a chemical also released when a mommy nurses her baby. Oxytocin causes bonding. Many women have had sex too soon with the wrong man and form a strong bond that is hard to break. Avoid the drama and the target of a seducer by valuing your "v" and everything it represents. Then one day, love will show up at your door! Value Your "V"

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