Are You Easily Seduced?


5 characteristics of women who have a high "risk" of being seduced!

2. Unhappy All The Time: We all know "Debbie Downers" who are so sad all the time and e just want to choke ourselves after being around them for five minutes! They complain about anything and everything and always appear as if their cat just died that morning. An unhappy person is an easy target because a seducer is a master at distracting them temporarily from their sadness. Many seducers will even play upon a victim's sadness and tell them why the seducer is needed in their lives to bring joy or dependency to the world of the sad single lady. It is said that life happens to everyone, but it is the way you perceive the events of your life and the meaning you give them that determine if you will be happy or sad. Being sad all the time is a choice that can and will change when you change your focus. There is always something to be thankful for, so start there and wear a smile on your face. Then more positive experiences will start be attracted to you! The 'Think Positive!' Experiment

3. People Pleaser: As children, we come into this world knowing that we are just fine the way we are, but something happens to remove that self assurance as we are told to be polite, indirect and cautious of everything we say, do or wear. This creates a sense that we must gain the approval of others in order to be satisfied with ourselves. People pleasing single women are easy to be seduced because once the seducer captures their heart and then pulls back even slightly, the people pleaser will fight like hell to gain the affection and attention of her seducer once again. The attention is intoxication but the rejection is unbearable and creates an obsession to feel 'good enough' to be loved. Love yourself and don't focus on trying to please others who can't accept you as you are. Love is not to be earned but given. If someone is unwilling to give to you wholeheartedly, then cut the virus loose so that you are open to receive the one who will! 5 Tips For Meeting Good Men

4. Vivid Imagination: There is nothing wrong with having a vivid imagination; however, where single women with vivid imaginations go wrong is when they believe everything they are told instead of paying attention to a man's action. A seducer plays off of the imagination of a single woman because he is able to paint a picture of the future they can have together someday, without producing any tangible results at all. People want to believe in fantasies and in what they are being told. It is the human need within us that hungers to believe a lie when the truth is unappealing. Date with your eyes wide open and do not ignore the red flags of unfulfilled promises. Pay attention to the actions and ignore the words that fall on dry ground. The 7 Lies Your Man Might Be Telling You

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