Age Does Not Immune You From Being Played!


Age Does Not Immune You From Being Played!
Should it be a regular practice of running back round checks in this day and age of online dating?

Age is just a number when it comes to acquiring dating intelligence, understanding men and learning the art of dating. With a divorce rate reaching over 60%, many women are finding themselves in a dating atmosphere that is totally different from that of their ancestors. The dating game has definitely changed as more women are finding themselves over 50 and single. This has unfortunately lead to a spike in the HIV infection rate of women over the age of 50. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) AIDS cases among individuals over the age of 50 have increased 22% since 1991.

I discovered first hand, that the older one gets does not make them immune to heartbreak. It was sad to witness, while waiting in criminal court as a witness, a case that involved an educated, over weight, middle aged, African American woman, whom I will refer to as Gloria, attempting to have an unsuspecting, 70-year-old Caucasian woman with a head full of gray hair, whom I will refer to as Vicky, prosecuted and arrested, for stalking and harassment.


It turns out that the 70-year-old woman met a man who conned her out of her heart, money and trust. He was the first committed relationship she had in 17 years after the death of her husband. Vicky was excited about the relationship and looking forward to the potential it had as she planned her future with a man she hardly knew. She testified that for years she had given up on love, and did not believe that at her age she could find it. Then Jeremy, I refer to as the cheating jerk, shows up in her life, telling her everything she wanted to hear and taking advantage of her loneliness. What she didn’t know was that Jeremy was also dating Gloria as well as five other women.

Once Vicky found out about Gloria, the floodgates of pain over flooded her senses. Like many woman who become devastated once they realize the man they love is not the man whom they trusted him to be, Vicky let her hurt direct her actions as she sent several emails, text and calls to Gloria attached with evidence that Jeremy was dating them both. Vicky even emailed Gloria a picture of her hand on Jeremy's man part to prove that she and Mr. Jerk face had been intimate. Gloria responded by pressing charges and taking Vicky to court to get her locked up for harassment.

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