Which Name Is More Popular: Coca-Cola Or Pepsi?


Which Name Is More Popular: Coca-Cola Or Pepsi?
Comparing product names reveals insights,just as comparing people names reveals true relationships.

We are our names, just as products represent the quality of the product. Let's compare two well known products and then show how this relates to comparing names in a relationship.

In the brand name Coca-Cola, the ‘C’ stands for control and being in charge, and the ‘O’ says Coca-Cola is the boss, is not going to go away, and is also nurturing. The ‘L’ would normally say, we can lose some of your self-confidence over time because of its position in front of the letter ‘A’. However, it’s placement in the name causes ‘L’ to be balanced so instead says we want you to feel confident about Coca-Cola the whole time. Ending in ‘A’ says it wants to be liked. Ending in ‘A’ says it wants to be liked. The hyphen pulls the customer in closer as Coca-Cola repeats its message one more time by having the second word very similar to the first. So, in essence, Coca-Cola is saying that it is the best, and that drinking its product will nourish you; you can trust the company and you’ll like its products.

Pepsi-Cola, in contrast, chooses to start your impression of the product with ‘P’, which represents adventure and fun. This is followed by ‘E’ that is emotion, repeating the fun message with the second ‘P’ and then adding the ‘S’ for smart and the final ‘I’ to get attention. ‘Pepsi-Cola does not miss a beat by also including the word cola in its name; hence saying that Pepsi is even more fun, smarter and sassier than Coke. Hence, Coca-Cola may be good, but there is more fun to be had by drinking Pepsi.

The ad campaign that Coca-Cola did stating “Things Go Better With Coke” was an attempt to counterbalance what Pepsi-Cola is stating in its name. Also, since Coca-Cola starts with a ‘C’ versus the ‘P’ in Pepsi, Coca-Cola is announcing that it plans on being in control and the top product. Nothing counter balances the 'CO' in the lead position of a name. Coca-Cola will always fight to stay on top.  Names of more companies are compared in the book, "Know the Name; Know the Person."

How does this translate to relationships?  Do the letters in your name and another's go well together or not? Suppose a name starts with the 'CO' which has to be in charge, has to have things go their way and needs to be right at all costs?  Can anyone get along with those forceful letters? The answer is yes. There is always a counter balance that finds that type of leadership and confidence refreshing.  Not all people feel comfortable leading, just as not all people feel comfortable being the follower. 


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