What We Can Learn From The Name Whitney Houston


What is it about Whitney that drew us to her and mesmerized us?

The same letters that have Whitney able to get along with everyone also represent her need to have outside approval from others. This trait, combined with her ''HIT' causes her to feel poorly about herself when outside reinforcement that she is great is missing. She accentuates this need with her 'HIT' letters as it means that it is family's approval that she seeks.

How far would any of us go to please family? Would we try so hard to get along that we end up sacrificing our self in the process as Whitney Houston did? The answer is also found in the name. For Whitney, her name indicates that she must constantly strive to surround herself with positive people. People who are a great influence on her. Religion could serve this purpose for her, as it did in her childhood. To remain pure she must be stringent on who she allows to influence her.

How many of us could use that as a guiding principle? The people around us constantly influence us, some more than others, so whom we allow into our world is important. This is a great time to release the toxic people from your life. For more on names visit BestNameMeanings.com.

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