What We Can Learn From The Name Whitney Houston


What is it about Whitney that drew us to her and mesmerized us?

Whitney Houston was idealized by so many for her incredible talent. Then she became a drug addict and we still loved her. Why? What is it about Whitney that drew us to her and mesmerized us?

Family was the most important thing in Whitney's life per her first vowel in her first name. She blamed all of her mishaps on family and simultaneously gave kudos to her family for the good that happened. Family consumed her time and attention. Then the letter next to her family letter states that she took this to the extreme. On the other side is the letter that states she goes with the flow around family. Putting it all together the 'HIT combination says that she would do anything to please family. On the one hand, if family is positive around her, as it was when she was a child, she would be positive. On the other hand, when family is negative or toxic, she too would become the same, as when she was with Bobby Brown.


What can we learn from Whitney's connection to her family? All people with the first vowel of 'I' find their time consumed by family. The trick is to keep our boundaries and remain who we are versus having family overly influence us. Anything that has a 'T' next to it takes the letters next to the 'T' to the extreme. So, the 'IT' combination takes family issues to the extreme. Then when we put 'H' in front of the 'IT' it means that we would do anything for family, we'd do whatever it takes to keep the peace.

These letters together in the last name do not translate the same as when they show up together in the first name. In the last name the 'HIT' means that the people around you will work for you and do their best to please you. You've got support from unexpected people.

So, why, with her drug problems, did the public still adore her? Whitney has the chameleon letters in her name which indicates that she is easy to like and can get along with anyone if she desires. She also has the rescue letters which mean that she loves to rescue others. In exchange we love to rescue her. All people love to rescue the underdog and Whitney has those letters that say she is the underdog with a big heart. Thus, not only do we all wish to help her, but we wish to promote her and see her succeed.

The same letters that have Whitney able to get along with everyone also represent her need to have outside approval from others. This trait, combined with her ''HIT' causes her to feel poorly about herself when outside reinforcement that she is great is missing. She accentuates this need with her 'HIT' letters as it means that it is family's approval that she seeks.

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