Does Your Name Reflect Your Sexuality?


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Sandra Fluke testified taxpayers should pay for her contraceptives. Limbaugh went ballistic. Why?

Last names reflect the type of people that we attract into our lives. In Fluke's case, she would attract people who consume her time, are a bit demanding in that sense and who have a great sense of humor. Fluke also would attract people who have a difficult time sensing what is real versus what is illusion, as they seek attention. So, here you have a person who needs attention to validate her own self-worth by attracting others who don't know their value either and who think rules are good for others—that is, as long as they don't have to follow them.

In short, Fluke has the perfect name for a flower child of the 1960s. She would both thrive with the attention she is getting and, at the same time, want to run from it, since it demands of her to know herself. She is sharp though, so she will do her best to use this newfound fame to her advantage. Sandra Fluke Rejects Rush Limbaugh's Apology: What Do You Think?

It is also easy to see, when comparing the two names, why Limbaugh slipped and used words and a tactic that he doesn't often take with Fluke. Limbaugh's name stands for freedom within strong family values, and being conservative, while Fluke's name represents an "anything goes" attitude. Both of their individual lifestyles would naturally repulse each other, hence, the strong reaction from Limbaugh to Fluke's attitude.

What do we do when we meet up with someone whose values are so opposed to our own? What about being curious as to why and how they made their decisions versus being judgmental? What about pondering their philosophy to come to a deeper understanding of another person's point of view, before condemning? Lastly, can we maintain civility and be polite regardless if we vehemently disagree? Watching these two interact is a reminder that we all have alternative ways in which any of us may choose to behave.

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