Why Do I Do It? 3 Steps to Clarify Your Commitment


It is more productive and rewarding when you can clarify using Intention, Purpose and Values.

Success doesn't always mean getting a pat on the back or a dollar amount. A good starting point is to ask:  What needs to happen in the end for me to say this was worth of my time? If I look back a year from now how do I want to see my involvement for the Bake Sale event? For me the intention was to get to know my neighbors little deeper than the occasional Hi-s. Now looking back, I feel it had enhanced my social life to a great extent; I feel much more grounded to call this my school and my neighborhood than ever.

I hope you've got some tools to get the clarity for your commitments. Now go sign up for that "bake sale" of your choice:). Good luck!



Does this resonate with you? Have questions? Email me sbanu@greenleafcoach.com to set up a time to talk. -Sharmin

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