Find an Enjoyable Career : It is Easier than you Think


Find an Enjoyable Career : It is Easier than you Think
We get stuck so many times with the assumption that it is all or nothing, it is really not the case.

a. Know Thyself -Find out what attributes energize you – Is it deep analysis, connecting dots, helping people, organizing stuff, artistic en devours or some other kind.

In my experience people mostly get lost here – specially those coming from the eastern cultures. There is cultural reason for it but that should not be a blocker. I have my clients do a value clarification exercise for this. In the simplest from it is to look back at the past experiences they enjoyed and extract the qualities from those.


b. Research the Job market– What kind of work uses the learned skills and natural strengths you have. It is like data collection and matching -Talk to people, search the internet, be open to find ideas from anywhere. There is a saying, when the student is ready the teacher will arrive. While doing this, it might be tempting to do a “logical” matching, I would also pay attention to “what do I feel inside” question.

Q. What baby step you can take today to make progress on finding a more satisfying career path for you?

Know that it is very natural to have a stream of thoughts starting with “but”s. They come from a part of the brain that wants to keep us safe. Today if you are stopped by “but it is already late,  I am too old to make this change”, imagine how it will be 10 years from now!


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