Don’t Focus on the Problem – Focus on your Ultimate Vision


Don’t Focus on the Problem – Focus on your Ultimate Vision
Keep your focus on your bigger vision, you will be more capable to solve the problems at hand.

When you focus on your vision (the outcome you truly care) you are in touch with your passion. You feel more positive instead of the suffocating anxiety. Instead of the primitive fight/flight/freeze mode, it opens up the creative part of your brain. The problem seems less daunting. You address it more graciously as you get motivated to take the steps to get closer to your bigger vision.



You must be thinking, it sounds all good, but where is the time? Look back past five years, what would you have done differently if you knew what you know now? Take a baby step today. How hard it is for you to allocate 2 hours each week for something very important to you? Baby steps works for the grown ups too - In a month that gives you one entire work day worth of time. Tom did it and so can you!


Need idea on how to find out your Vision? Read: How are you setting your goal, Inside-out or Outside-in?

Reference: The Power of TED by David Emerald

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