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Career Change - 4 Things Helped Me Make the Move


1. I deserve it 2. Hard is Ok 3. I am rich enough 4. Uncertainty is ok

I recently saw two relevant posts on this topic, one in the Forbes magazine and the other in the TEDx talk. I have been wondering where these article/talks were few years back when I was in this dilemma! I am sure there were many, somehow those didn’t come into my radar. I had to do it the harder way. What helped me to make the move are these four basic points.

1. When I was convinced, I Deserve to have more Fulfillment

It took me a while to realize, I am not here to “do” a lot of things, and I am not here to be a “super woman” either. I have worked hard not just to get even more work on my plate. I have achieved a position to buy some good time for me.

2. When I accepted the fact that there is No Easy Way Out

For a long time I had hoped that one fine morning my manager would understand, my team would get better or something will change magically to reward me for all the hard work I do. That didn’t work. Finally I had to let go of those hopes in order to pursue the next thing I have longed for.

3. When I gave myself Freedom from Money Stress

Growing up in a struggling middle class family I learnt money is not cheap and I don’t have the luxury to have zero income as the financial freedom gave me a lot of self-esteem. When I was stuck at this point, one talk at the Microsoft Women’s’ conference gave me the strength : “consider yourself rich when you are capable of paying your bills”.

4. When I was okay with the Uncertainty

I was not 100% sure where I was going. I had some idea and I had the confidence that if I can dedicate some time for me, I will be able to figure out the rest.

Now looking back last four years, have I achieved what I intended? My answer is “Yes” and much more! Unlike fairy tales, there are still down times, disappointments and hard work, but most important is I now have more happy moments than ever :) .


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