Single On Valentine's Day? Take Yourself Out On A Date!


Single On Valentine's Day? Take Yourself Out On A Date!
Learn to love yourself, baby!

Yes, it will be here soon! That holiday that sometimes you dread when you are single. But you know what, I found ways to make it fun and just focus on loving me. I wanted to take this time to share those ideas with all of you. This year, my advice is just really truly focus on loving YOU! You deserve it. I can guarantee you that the more you love you, the easier it will be to attract that next amazing partner (should you want that).

  1. Send yourself flowers! I did when I was single and it was wonderful. I signed it "I love you beautiful girl!" You can make yourself happy.
  2. Do whatever you love to do: get a massage, take a hot bath, take care of you and love you!
  3. Buy a card for your future partner; know they are on the horizon, envision all of their wonderful characteristics and write those down! Believe it will happen and feel the love you will feel with this person.
  4. Get together with girlfriends and have a wonderful dinner.
  5. Send your best single girlfriend flowers so she has a happy day today!
  6. Volunteer somewhere in your community today or commit to volunteering. There is nothing like focusing on others to let us know how lucky we are.
  7. Decide to take yourself on a solo journey of self-love — have fun solo, you can take a charter trip or just go anywhere solo!  I traveled to Guatemala, Bolivia, Peru, India and Thailand Solo.  Best trips of my life!
  8. Do whatever it takes to love yourself more!  Whether you have a partner or not, this is the key to happy life and relationships!

My wish for you is an amazing and love-filled Valentine's Day where you celebrate the most important person in the world — YOU!  If I could send flowers to every single one of you I would, but instead I am sending you a BIG virtual hug all the way from Denver, Colorado! Take a deep breath and feel it!


Shannon's passion is partnering with individuals, organizations and families to assist them in living into their highest potential.  Her life coaching focuses on the area of self-love and relationships. Her business is She has produced two highly acclaimed guided meditation CDs: The Healing Journey Within: Meditations for Abundance and Love Volume I: Deserving and Volume II: Manifesting. She also has trained extensively in the area of counseling. Shannon also is a trained Kundalini yoga instructor. She also developed her business In this capacity, she specializes in the niche area of families/children of divorce, separation and conflict.  She wrote a best selling book “The 7 Fatal Mistakes Divorced and Separated Parents Make:  Strategies for Raising Healthy Children of Divorce and Conflict”. She is an advocate for children and parents to live happy, healthy and peace-filled lives.                                                                                             

If you enjoyed this article, her best-selling CDs, The Healing Journey Within: Meditations for Abundance and Love" Volume I Deserving and Volume II: Manifesting, can be found here. In addition, her highly acclaimed and best-selling book on parenting after divorce and healing after divorce is The 7 Fatal Mistakes Divorced and Separated Parents Make: Strategies for Raising Healthy Children of Divorce and Conflict and can be found here. Her new book, In Love With Me: 7 Self-Love Strategies for Successful Partnerships, Parenting and Performance will be released Spring/Summer 2014. To pre-order a PDF copy, click here. For all of her products, click here

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