Tips to Survive 7 Major Holidays Single


Tips to Survive 7 Major Holidays Single
Don't let your relationship status ruin your holidays.

Thanksgiving – Sometimes I might visit family for Thanksgiving. Sometimes I just stay in L.A. I usually get invited over to friend's house, which is fine because it means they are cooking….not me. But, you could start an annual Thanksgiving dinner with friends. Sometimes single people decide not to travel and visit family so invite anyone who's not traveling. Make it known that it's a yearly event and see about alternating where you eat each year. Be sure to express your gratitude for being a single woman.

Christmas – I celebrate on my own by decorating my place with lights. I put up a fabulous tree with all the trimmings. I buy gifts for myself and dog. I wrap them and keep them under the tree until Christmas comes and then we open them together. Sometimes I celebrate with someone I'm dating and I'll have them over for a cozy evening by the fire. Sometimes I just stay in by myself or I might travel somewhere exotic for the month.


New Year's Eve – As I've gotten older, I don't really care to go out on NYE. Places are crowded, it's expensive, there are long lines everywhere you go and there are drunk people everywhere. I usually only go out if I'm in another country. If I'm here in L.A., I like to stay home with my dog and watch the New York Times Square ball drop on TV. I celebrate with some wine and enjoy a quiet evening in by myself or with a lover.

- Sienna Sinclaire® - The Single Girl ®: Your Naughty Lifestyle Guide

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