Love For The Single Girl


Love For The Single Girl
You don’t need a man to feel loved…love yourself!

You must start thinking of your house as an extension of yourself. In just the same way as we might change our hairstyle, get a makeover, or buy some new clothes, so you must do the same with where you live. Only hang on to things that make you smile or evoke a pleasant memory, and get rid of everything else. Our minds are our very own photograph albums and diaries, and every microsecond – good and bad – is recorded in there, so it makes no sense to hold onto additional visual stimuli which is only going to enhance bad memories and dilute the good ones. It doesn’t mean you have to live in a glossy magazine photo-spread, it just means that you should make a point of surrounding yourself with images and items that make you feel good about yourself. You can even pick things that represent the girl you want to become…maybe more naughty in the bedroom with your lover? So why not try buying some erotic art, or painting your bedroom a deep, lush red color? Invest in some luxury bedding, sensual fragrant candles and lighting, and transform your home into something sultry, sexy and inviting.

3. Love your body


Few of us are 100% happy with how we look as there’s always something we’d like to change, whether it’s our hair, our boobs, our legs…whatever. Celebrity magazines and glossy TV shows can make us feel inadequate, and can sap at our self esteem, as we’re constantly being told what is and isn’t beautiful, as though physical beauty equates to your value in society. Well here’s some news – we are all different, and we are all beautiful. Right down to every lump, every bump, every imperfection. That’s what makes us all unique.

It’s time to quit finding fault with yourself and, instead, take a look in the mirror and really notice what’s beautiful about you. If you think you have nice eyes, then accentuate them with eye shadow and liner. Like your curvy hips and ass? Then flaunt them with some form-fitting clothing and show the guys what they’re missing. If you’re lucky enough to have a great neckline, then highlight it with some dazzling jewelry or a low cut V-neck.

And when it comes to clothes, only ever buy items that fit you and that you love to wear. Never buy anything that you tell yourself you’re going to ‘slim into’ – it’s false hope and the garment will never leave your closet. Be realistic. Don’t buy clothes that you fantasize about wearing, or that you think you ‘should’ be wearing. Know what looks good on you, what feels good, and show off what you have. Presenting a real image is vital. Your clothes should never be something you hide behind, they should be an extension of yourself, just like your home is. Even supermodels and celebrities can get insecure about their looks, it’s human nature, but all you have to do is get used to focusing on your gorgeous bits, and the other stuff fades quickly into the background.

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