Love For The Single Girl


Love For The Single Girl
You don’t need a man to feel loved…love yourself!

It’s the month of love, and with Valentine’s Day fast approaching, it’s easy for single girls to feel a bit left out. We may yearn to be in a loving relationship, especially around this time of year, but what many of us don’t realize, is that in order to find happiness as part of a couple, we need to first feel happy being single. Also, just because you don’t have a boyfriend right now, doesn’t mean you don’t have lots of love to give, whether it’s on a pet, a family member, or friends. Love isn’t exclusive to couples, it’s a free commodity that should be shared around as much as possible, especially on yourself.

Some girls are happy with their single status, for the moment, as they focus on work, etc. Others might be on the lookout for a relationship. Whatever your situation, being happy and settled in your own life, regardless of your relationship status, is the first step to guaranteeing a loving future with somebody else down the road. Give, and you shall receive.


Follow these tips about loving yourself and finding inner contentment, and open yourself up for love.

1. Love yourself first

In any relationship, it’s human nature to treat other people the way we treat ourselves. So if you don’t love yourself, then how do you expect anyone else to? We can only give out what’s inside of us in the first place, so this is where you need to start. You might already think that you love yourself – we all do, right? But how many of us actually put time aside for ourselves? When was the last time you bought yourself flowers, or lounged in a delicious bubble bath for a whole hour? Do you cook yourself nice meals, or do you save that luxury for when you’re entertaining other people? When was the last time you splashed out on something expensive, just because you wanted to, and didn’t feel guilty?

Looking after ourselves doesn’t just mean basic maintenance to get through the day, it means really lavishing quality time and effort on ourselves, from beauty routines and pampering, to spoiling ourselves with gifts and rewards, for no reason at all – because you are the reason. If you’re loving and kind to yourself, then that generosity and thoughtfulness will naturally transfer to a lover. Remember, never feel bad or guilty about giving yourself attention. It’s not self-indulgence, it’s not egotism and it’s not selfishness. It’s simply loving yourself, so quit worrying.

2. Love your home

Your home says as much about you as the way you look or the way you act. So it’s vital to love where you live, just as much as you should love yourself. We accumulate things in our lives that are connected to memories, both positive and negative, but you should make sure to get rid of anything in your home that does not make you feel good. Whether it’s photographs of an old lover, a decoration or piece of furniture, even the color of your walls. If there are things around your home that make you think bad thoughts, for whatever reason, then it’s time to make a change. Out with the old and in with the new. We spend too much time hanging on to things that make us feel unhappy. Nostalgia can be healthy, but the bad kind can block the flow of positive energy, both within yourself and around your home.

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