8 Sexy Steps To A Naughty Holiday Getaway


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... because being "nice" is awfully overrated.

Here's an idea: go purchase a naughty book from my collection at www.NaughtyTravelGuide.com to learn about the many naughty activities available in L.A. Or, you can visit my blog to find out what naughty things you can get into around the world at www.naughtytravelguideblog.com.

6. Packing for your sleigh ride. Okay, maybe you're not going to hitch a ride on Santas sleigh — in fact, if you really want to make this holiday memorable, splurge a little and buy a first-class ticket or rent a fancy car. No matter how you get there, be sure to pack according to the nature of your naughty holiday.


Of course, you'll always want to pack lots of condoms. (Lots and lots and lots!) If you're headed to a fetish club, then you'll want to pack your best latex outfit and bring some leather whips. (Plus, you need to know how to pack latex so that it travels well). If you're looking for topless or nudist beaches, you need to pack your bathing suit because you'll need to wear something before you get to the beach. If you're headed to a swingers club, pack a sexy dress and lingerie outfit. A true naughty traveller is prepared for anything. Pack accordingly.

7. Don't forget the sex toys. Santa might have cute little dolls and pocket-sized trucks in his bag but we prefer toys of a different variety. You can't have a naughty holiday without the proper essentials. There are plenty of sex toys on the market that have been designed for those who are traveling. For example, there are bullets that fit discreetly into your evening purse and toys that have been made to look like something else so you won’t be embarrassed by the nosey security guard who searches your bag:

8. Remember to play it safe. Always, always, always bring condoms. You don't want to go away for the holiday and come back with a gift that keeps on giving. Many naughty holiday locations (brothels, swingers clubs, etc.) will supply them, but it's good to have your own just in case they don't have your size.

Make sure to use condoms when having sex — even if you're just performing a fellatio. It's better to be safe than sorry. Also, whenever I return from a naughty holiday, even though I've been safe, I always like to come home and get tested for STDs. Remember, there are still things you can get even if you use a condom, like herpes and genital warts. So play safe!

- Your Naughty Travel Guide to Naughty Cities

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