5 Ways to Seduce Men the French Way


5 Ways to Seduce Men the French Way
Using your senses to create the perfect seduction

Choosing perfume based on your own preferences is important, but using fragrances in the art of seduction is somewhat involved. Essentially, you want to develop an arsenal of aromas. These can be perfumes, scented soaps or lotions, and even your own musk, which is arguably the sexiest scent of all. If you are seeing a lover for more than one passionate evening, switching up your aroma can enhance your natural allures. Much of our sexuality comes from our sense of smell, so you can keep him on his toes and cultivate mystery by alternating your fragrance.

To harness the power of perfume, you have to believe in it. Applying a scent you don't love or doesn't suit you means you won't have the confidence to seduce or entertain naturally and effortlessly. Choosing the right scent for you takes time and patience. Visit a perfume store and smell a few samples before applying one perfume to your wrist. Wear it throughout the day to see how the fragrance changes as it mixes with your natural scent. Be bold and ask other women, even strangers, what fragrance they're wearing. It might seem tiresome, but going through this process can really help you find a signature, sexy fragrance that immediately boosts your confidence and swagger.

You may find that a certain fragrance works well in your home, but that you prefer to wear different scents outside, in the workplace, or on your travels. Matching your fragrance with your intention can enhance its power. You can also shed your workday when you arrive back at home by switching up your fragrance to unwind quickly and get to your evening hours without work thoughts lingering.

This is especially important for ladies with steady romantic partners. Switching up your home or personal perfume routine can inject spice into your love life. If you have a personal scent you don't deviate from, use that to your advantage by spritzing a small amount on his pillow on a random day. By using fragrance as a marker of your presence, sexuality, and personality, you can subtly manipulate your surroundings to make the sexiest home possible.


French Technique: Looking Ravishing

Men are very visual creatures. They rely on what they see rather than what they feel. Where a woman might be more attracted to a man because of how he makes her feel, a man will be more attracted to a woman because she is beautiful, sexy, and alluring. Put simply, men are stimulated by what they see, which is why it is so important for a woman to focus on her looks, get dolled up, and wear ravishing lingerie.


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