Let Your 5 Senses Create Your Sensual Home


Let Your 5 Senses Create Your Sensual Home
By using all of the five senses, you can make guests feel welcome into your home.


It's our most relied-upon sense. We have visions, foresight, hindsight and insight. We gather most of our information from our sense of vision and sight goes hand in hand with understanding. As such, using imagery and visual design is one of the most obvious, but least understood ways to make the home more sensual.


French Technique: Candles everywhere.
The easiest way to inject some visual oomph into your home is to use candles to your advantage. Kunz tells us that "Frenchwomen have no intention of giving up candlelight just because electricity is so abundant." This is due to the simple candle's extraordinary light, whose flickering flames seduce, flatter, and smooth. In "Fatale: How French Woman Do It," we're told that lovers entering a French woman's home will encounter "dim lighting and candles, hiding the cracks in the ceiling and softening any lines on the brow of the lady."

For Your Home
Candles are inexpensive and effective, so adding them to your home can make a huge impact on a small budget. Candlelight makes me feel so sexy that I've covered my house and patios with 117 candles. I even have candles on my stairs and in my hallway leading to my bedroom. This creates a very erotic atmosphere for what's to come for my lovers. This sounds like a lot, but majority of them are battery-operated candles that illuminate via a timer, so I'm not forced to spend time lighting and extinguishing them every night. Since I still love the glow of real candles, I keep several in each room, lighting them as needed to set the mood for myself and my lovers.


French Technique: Creating visual abundance through fabrics, textures, and ornamentation.
A quick Google search on French interior design yields page after page of beautiful homes showcasing luxury and visual opulence through cascading fabrics, ornate chandeliers, plush seating areas, and textiles of varying patterns and textures. Everything about French design cultivates visual luxury, coaxing you inside, seducing you, influencing your desires, making you want to reach out and touch. One of the most famous French design elements is Toile de Jouy, a fabric or wall paper in muted colors depicting rather detailed scenes. Toile de Jouy is genius in how it attracts attention; it's not flashy, but it compels you to search through its scenes for an underlying story.

For Your Home
My home has tall ceilings that create a feeling of grandeur. White, sheer curtains and cascading chandeliers add visual interest, texture and luxury, while two separate living spaces cater to my guests. A fireplace invites lounging and conversation over tea, while a couch area invites guests to snuggle up to window-side along a textured, furry rug. My space is designed to welcome and allure with rich fabrics, textures, and light.

You can add some of this visual sensuality to your own home by hanging ceiling-to-floor curtains that visually extend the length of your walls and add a dimension of texture and richness, choosing lighting fixtures that tantalize, and selecting textured rugs for designated seating areas. Don't cover your house in Toile de Jouy if that doesn't inspire you or suit your own taste; choose colors, fabrics, textures and patterns that appeal to you. Keep Reading...

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